Limited Company

Looking for a limited company accountant? Look no further. Our accountants are trusted partners and advisors to limited companies of all sizes.

A limited company is one of the ways that you can structure a business. In contrast to other types of businesses (for example sole traders or partnerships), or unincorporated associations (for example members’ clubs), a limited company is a legal entity distinct from its shareholders (or members) and directors.

A limited company comes into existence when it is registered at Companies House. Limited companies must also file certain documents with Companies House - when they are first set up and on an ongoing (normally annual) basis. This is the remit of a limited company accountant, not the secretary, as is sometimes the case.

A limited company is a separate legal entity from its owners [or shareholders] it pays its own tax and the owners pay tax on salaries and dividends.

The Companies House filing requirements are separate to what your company needs to do for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Corporation Tax purposes. It can be confusing, so we provide all the services you need to run a limited company and meet necessary legal requirements. A Limited Company needs to comply with Companies Act and all other legal requirements and its directors are responsible for its affairs.

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