HMRC Investigation

A HMRC investigation can be related to a Self-Assessment, Company Tax Return, VAT Return or PAYE return. Sterling Finance has successfully handled HMRC investigations for many clients. Most tax investigations begin because HMRC has reason to believe that some aspect of your tax return or business accounts is wrong.

Being investigated by the Inland Revenue is serious. A major enquiry can seriously disrupt your business; while a self-assessment personal tax investigation can be prolonged, detailed and intrusive. If you have tried to conceal information and are found out, you could be fined or even sent to prison.

This is a very intimidating and intense process. It can be a major obstacle in running your day-to-day business. Not to mention the stress and worries it can impose.

Sterling Finance helps clients get through the investigation with a view to minimising their liabilities as far as possible. Our HMRC investigation services offer:
A non-judgemental approach
Advice based on your circumstances
Legal and financial advice for compliance
Solutions to settle any potential tax liability
A focus on working towards the most cost effective and efficient way to achieve the closure of the tax investigation.

We care about our clients and aim to ensure they are always treated justly and fairly within the scope of the law. We will work with you to ensure you comply with any investigation, and we will act as your agent throughout the process.

This will minimise your exposure and reduce your risk. It may even reduce your final tax liability. For immediate help with your HMRC investigation, call us on 0161 339 4989 today.

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