Business Plan

A Business Plan is a helpful reporting tool not only at the start of your business but during every stage of business growth. It helps you structure your business and document everything in a clear, organised manner.

Sterling Finance will help you put your thoughts and ideas into a business plan which can be reviewed and tested. Your business plan, created with our assistance, will be a very powerful tool and serve as a guide in running your business.

If you need to obtain a loan to start your business, lenders will want to review your business plan as part of the decision process. If your plan is not up to scratch, then your application for a loan might be rejected.

Generally, businesses with written plans are far more likely to be successful than those without. A good business plan will set out your vision and your objectives and will help you in a few ways. A good business plan will.

Help you clarify your vision
Determine if your product and/or service has a sufficient market
Convince investors and lenders to fund your business
Define your target market (who your customers are or will be) and how to best reach them through strategic marketing
Establish or revaluate your competitive position within the marketplace, by conducting a thorough analysis of the competition
Help your business make money from the start by developing effective operational strategies
Identify the risks involved and anticipate potential problems so you that can solve them before they become disasters.

Your business plan will play a crucial role in the success of your business. Sterling Finance can assist you with creating a plan that ticks all the right boxes. Call us on 0161 339 4989 to find out more about how we can assist you.

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