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Limited Company

Looking for a limited company accountant? Look no further. Our accountants are trusted partners and advisors to limited companies of all sizes.

A limited company is one of the ways that you can structure a business. In contrast to other types of businesses (for example sole traders or partnerships), or unincorporated associations (for example members’ clubs), a limited company is a legal entity distinct from its shareholders (or members) and directors.

A limited company comes into existence when it is registered at Companies House. Limited companies must also file certain documents with Companies House – when they are first set up and on an ongoing (normally annual) basis. This is the remit of a limited company accountant, not the secretary, as is sometimes the case.

A limited company is a separate legal entity from its owners [or shareholders] it pays its own tax and the owners pay tax on salaries and dividends.

The Companies House filing requirements are separate to what your company needs to do for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Corporation Tax purposes. It can be confusing, so we provide all the services you need to run a limited company and meet necessary legal requirements. A Limited Company needs to comply with Companies Act and all other legal requirements and its directors are responsible for its affairs.

To speak to our resident limited company accountant about your business, call us on 0161 339 4989 for a free, no obligation chat.

Limited Liability Partnership

Limited liability partnerships have a relatively complex tax structure. You need a limited liability partnership accountant, a specialist, to setup your company structure and help you make the most of your finances. That’s where we come in.

Sterling Finance offers a complete accountancy solution to assist you as a limited liability partnership, from registering your company with Companies House to submitting Annual Returns and Annual Accounts.

Take on our limited liability partnership accountant services, and we can administer PAYE, perform accurate bookkeeping and submit your VAT returns. We can also assist with restructuring your business, to make it as tax efficient as possible. This means more money for you and your partners. Our service pays for itself.

A Limited Liability Partnership is similar to a Limited Company except that each partner is treated as a self-employed individual. A Limited Company pays its own tax whereas in Limited Liability the Partners pay tax as per their partnership share. The structure minimises your tax burden while offering lots of flexibility.

A Limited Liability Partnership has similar legal compliance to a Limited Company, so preparing your accounts professionally is essential.

Registered Charity

Charities are bound by law to be accountable to the public. Regulatory compliance is essential, and part of this includes accounting. You can ensure compliance by taking on Sterling Finance as your registered charity accountant.

Charities are able to carry out trading activities that are directly related to their charitable aims and objectives. They’re also allowed to trade as a way of raising money, as long as the level of trading is small and there’s no significant risk to their assets. For definition, trading means the selling of goods or services to customers.

Usually, this involves selling on an ongoing commercial basis, but sometimes a one-off or occasional venture may be treated as trading for tax purposes. The trading profits that your charity makes may be exempt from tax, depending on the type and scale of the trading activities. Your registered charity accountant will be able to advise on this.

Charities and non-profit making organisations are accountable to the public, and by law, they have to provide certain information about the way in which they operate and how they use their resources. Basically, they have to be transparent.

We help charities use their resources efficiently and ensure legal compliance. We also provide tailored advice to charities and their trustees to help them continue to operate effectively. We can advise on the most tax efficient structure for your charity and prepare all your accounts. We can also provide bookkeeping services.

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