Big Changes to GCSE Exam Result

ABC alphabet blocks.

This summer for the first time English & Maths will be graded differently. They will be graded 9 to 1 with 9 being highest rather A* to G. Students getting there results this year will have a mixture of numbers and letters on their certificates and CV.

The new GCSE grading scheme has been designed to ensure that students leave school better prepared for work and further education. The content of the new GCSE will be more challenging and designed to match Standards in the strongest performing education systems elsewhere in the world. Changing from letters to numbers will show employers whether applicants have taken the old or reformed GCSE.

As an employer, it is important that you adapt to these changes. As the GCSE qualification changes from letter to numbers you will need to review advertising campaigns and update recruitment materials.

The department for education recognises grade 4 as standard pass equivalent to low/medium C. A grade 5 indicates strong pass. The department of education will use grade 5 in the lead line measure of school performances, a benchmark comparable with strongest performing education system.

However GCSE in Wales and Northern Ireland will continue to be the same A* to G. The grading for AS and A Level are not changing in UK.


 New Grading Structure  Current Grading Structure
 9  A*
 7  A
 6  B
 4  C
 3  D
 2  E
 1  F G

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