Accountant Is An Integral Part Of A Business

Accountant is an integral part of a business.

Short, and streight to the point statement. Over the last eighteen months Sterling Finance has taken over number of clients from other Accountants and by doing so, created savings on charges and other expenses,including taxes. To much surprise, it was discovered that many mistakes have been made in very simple and quite obvious areas. Now, we all make mistakes, otherwise we would not be able to learn. But when same mistakes are repeated it becomes clear that we are dealing with negligence or simply lack of attention to detail. More over, such mistakes indicate that the Accountant does not pay attention to the clients needs and expectations.

The role of an Accountant is to help the business to grow, and where ever possible the Accountant should ensure that savings on Tax dues are made promptly. Accountant is an integral part of a business, that means that by taking on a client, the Accountant undertake responsibility for the financial affairs of that business. In other words, the Accountant becomes the Financial officer of that clients business. The responsibility means that the survival of the clients business much relies on the Accountants ability to see the things the business owner don`t see. To know that particular business, to understand that business.

Understanding the business of the client is vital to the relationship between the Accountant and the client. It is part of the creation and maintenance of the crucial relationship that will last a year or a whole life. Sterling Finance pride itself on building a long lasting relationship with clients. Such working relation benefits both sides.

1. The Client: Sterling Finance place all cleints first. They go out of their way to learn about each clients business in order to be able to provide  best advice and guidance as well as be able to apply the right strategy for implementation of statutory requirements, compliance with the current taxation laws, and most of all apply all available legal principles that will allow for savings on tax.

Sterling Finance will travel to clients premises in order to learn about the clients business. “Knowledge is the king”, sates Kamlesh Rajput,      the Founder of Sterling Finance. “An Accountant is like a Surgeon, fixing the ill health of a business. “At Sterling Finance we are not just about the bookkeeping and annual returns. We mentor, advice and coach.”

2. Sterling Finance. Being able to save our clients expenditures, and see their business growing is very rewarding. The passion for helping       others growing their business helps us to maintain a long term cooperation. The client retention is very high with us.

How about your accountant? Are you completely satisfied with your Accountant`s approach to your business?

Here are some services that Sterling Finance offer to its clients for free:

1. Advice
2. Consultation
3. Visit to clients premises
4. Telephone advice
5.  Dedicated member of staff

Sterling Finance is truly an Accountant that is an integral part of a business. Providing first class service to self empoyed and small and medium size business within UK and abroad.

To contact Sterling Finance, please call: +44 (0)1613394989

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