Registered Charity

Charities and non-profit making organisations are accountable to the public and by law they have to provide certain information about the way in which they operate and how they use their resources. Trading or business activities of charities:

Including those carried out by a related or subsidiary limited company
May be subject to Corporation Tax deadlines and other requirements

But there are some exemptions. Charities are able to carry out trading activities that are directly related to their charitable aims and objectives. They’re also allowed to trade as a way of raising money, as long as the level of trading is small and there’s no significant risk to their assets. Trading means the selling of goods or services to customers.

Usually, this involves selling on an ongoing commercial basis, but sometimes a one-off or occasional venture may be treated as trading for tax purposes.

The trading profits that your charity makes may be exempt from tax, depending on the type and scale of the trading activities
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