Payroll Services

Sterling Finance can help you with Payroll needs including PAYE registration, Monthly Payroll, Weekly Payroll, Annual PAYE return. These legally compliant services are provided efficiently and promptly at an affordable fixed fee.

Wages have to be paid on time every time to maintain your employees’ trust and productivity. For many small to medium sized business administering payroll can be lengthy, time consuming chore, using up energy and resources that could be better spent on the company’s core activities. The increasing complexity of taxation and employment legislation in the UK accompanied by ever-increasing penalties for non-compliance only adds to the pressure of doing the payroll. Our customised payroll service will include weekly or monthly payment schemes, handling PAYE, National Insurance contributions, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, and credits for student loans and working families.

Our payroll specialists are experienced in dealing with all aspects of the UK’s pay-as-you-earn system and can ensure PAYE compliance, deal with PAYE investigations and even liaise with HMRC to clear up any issues that may crop up. We will help you to minimise possibilities future investigations regarding payroll irregularities are minimised.

All reports including payslips are sent by e-mail. No need for you to spend time and money to comply with Taxation Legislation or Payroll. We take care of all compliance needs on your behalf including Annual PAYE return.

If you need help with payroll, fill the form below and we will be back to you shortly.