Charity Commission Return

Charitable organisations based in England and Wales have to register with Charity Commissioner if their income is over 5,000 a year. If you think your organisation may be charitable or you want to set up a new charity, we can help you set a charity organisation.

At Sterling Finance, we work with our clients to produce accounts that are relevant to their charity and tailored to their needs, providing guidance and explanations where required. We are very experienced in the preparation of accounts from our clients’ records/accounting system that are fully compliant with the Charity Commission’s Accounting and Reporting by Charities: Statement of Recommended Practise” (the Charity SORP). All charity organisations are publicly accountable to its members, government and other interested parties. Their reporting requirements are very rigid. They are required to follow strict guidelines from Charity Commission in a legally binding reports and disclosures.

Sterling Finance can help you submit all these legal paperwork on time so that you can remain compliant with Charity Commission’s requirement and focus on the real issues of raising funds for charity and supporting the cause of your charity.

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