Cash Flow Forecast

Business Cash Flow Forecast is part of business survival tool-kit. It is a report which provides information regarding business cash balance. Sterling Finance will prepare Cash Flow forecast which can provide future projection of when and how much cash you will need during the course of business. A business can fail because of short of cash even if it is profitable. A late payment from you customer can create a shortage of cash; or price increase by your suppler can put pressure on your cash balance. If you can not pay the bills on time, your supplier can take legal action which can lead to bankruptcy or liquidation.

Cash flow Forecast report is a tool to understand your financial commitments in future and it also gives you action plan to deal with unexpected event. It helps you to manage you cash inflow and outflow.
It generally provides the cash balance on a monthly basis as per projected income and expenditures. We can prepare your Cash flow Forecast report either for your own use or for bank borrowing purposes.

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