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Chartered Certified Accountants Greater Manchester

At Sterling Finance, we think that traditional accountants are a thing of the past. We combine the latest accountancy technology available with advise over a chat whenever your business requires one. We are industry leader when it comes to business growth and we use the best software available to ensure we always know what financial position your business is in. If you expect more from your accountant then give us a call!

What our customers are saying about us:

Want to pay the least amount of tax possible and still remain fully tax compliant?

Personalised client working relationships across a full range of accountancy services

Ali Moiyed, founder of Access Pay

I have known Sterling Finance for a quite long time, I still remember the day when I met Kamlesh fourteen years ago. I was looking for accountant to help me with my self-assesment. What became apparent quite quickly was that Kamlesh was not just an accountant but business adviser as well. Last fourteen years have been fascinating for me because I have had three business ventures and the journey was always from one-man band with negligible turnover to building a multimillion dollar business and Kamlesh has been with me throughout this journey.
Normally what happens as your scale your business, you would have mentor as one person and accountant as another entity. I am blessed that I have all these characteristics in one person which is Kamlesh. He understands the financial aspect of the business and he is a natural counselor and mentor. I have recently exited AccessPay.com and I am now forming my fourth very exiting venture and will be using Sterling Finance again.

Ali Moiyed, founder of Access Pay